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Upto The Minute News From Across The Archipelago

Electrical Mutibility Abuse confirmed by the Transgression Investigative Department in the Dearth Seignorial Police.
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A statement issued by RabaHome Supplies indicates there is no lasting damage from the recent hacking episode and jobs are no longer at risk.
As previously reported, although it is still for the moment trading normally, Raba Home Supplies has uncovered enormous and unexplained write-offs, creating a problem of insurmountable debt.
The value of the shares has collapsed, and there are fears that the company may be taken over, or closed down entirely.
Thousands of jobs are thought to be at risk.
New steam powered ship damaged in Collago. Eye witnesses interviewed said the ship (The Castleton) appeared to disappear as it was docking in the local port, to almost instantly reappear with a large explosive sound in its wake.
One eye witness said, "I was walking away from the shore when I heard a popping sound and when I turned around
It's been noted that there have been no recorded casualties and investigators are at the scene. "Probable adjacent event"
Those involved have been detained for checks.
RabaHacker Inc. have been arrested and detained by after 'evidence' was found of illegal hacking activities by threat actors from the group.
RabaHome Supplies have been approached for comment - "Our immense network of factories, retail outlets and internet services are currently undergoing maintenance to ensure there is minimal fallout from this event"
It leads us to think it could be that those in charge of the guilds keep the system in operation after it has outlived its original purpose? It seems to us that the system works by suppression of knowledge. We don't see what that achieves. It has made us very discontented, and we're sure we're not alone.
Lottery Results. We can only guess. But it's safe to say life could only be lived to the full by the instinctive or unconscious denial of death, otherwise nothing would ever be achieved.
Living is not an art, but to write of life is. Life is a series of accidents and anti-climaxes, misremembered and misunderstood, with lessons only dimly learned. Life is disorganized, lacks shape, lacks story.
A need to affirm one's existence leads many people to enter the lottery.
The principle is much the same, the presentation is different, and in admiring the latter one loses all sight of the former.
Flight Disruption. Currently there are no reported issues with flights out of the main airports.
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Upto The Minute Weather From Across The Archipelago

Paneron. Another less welcome period of the STIFLER for the unfortunate folk on Paneron; a humid wind that brings the allergenic pollen of carp-weed bushes from nearby unpopulated islands.
Richmond. No end seen to the lovely summer weather along the Thames.
One passer-by commented, "Nothing freezing around here at the moment"
Maiden Castle. Weather is unpredictable recently. Including thunder noises and strange lights.
Small earthquakes have been witnessed though meteorologists and geologists combined are unable to pinpoint the exact cause.